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A company is nothing without its work force. If a company is compared to a person then the bosses or executives would be the head, but a head by itself cannot get anywhere nor do anything by itself. You need a body to give life to the head and turn a vision into a reality.

But how do you know that your employees are being utilized to their full potential and skill set? This can be difficult because it takes time to assess an employee and figure out if every aspect of the work is being performed as it should be. This is where MAO comes in! We have proven strategies to find the type of employee best suited for a given position and the resources to analyze the performance of your current staff.


Hiring a new team member is not to be taken lightly. A new employee not only has to prove that they have the requisite skill but also that they are a good fit for the company as a social entity. For employees to be productive they must have a pleasant working environment where they feel safe and sociable. MAO takes a keen eye to staffing and facilitates a recruitment process that filters out subpar applications with expediency. By consulting with MAO you gain the business acumen necessary to sustain your company and its long term goals.

Employee placement

Due to time constraints and positions that need to be filled at a given financial period it is often the case that a company is not utilizing its employees to their full potential. Every person has talents or skill sets in some areas, but are lacking in other areas. This is merely how people are. To ensure that your employees are happy and productive they need to be properly challenged by their employment and that is what MAO can do for your business. We study your business and employees to find how to turn your business into the well-oiled machine every owner wants their business to be.